Ever Wish You Knew How To Train Your Husband?

No, I don’t mean to do tricks. (Although that might interesting too.) You know, things like…..

Yellow Star With Shadow SmallHow to be more SENSITIVE when you’ve had a bad day?

Yellow Star With Shadow SmallHow to HELP around the house more and realize it won’t KILL him?

Yellow Star With Shadow SmallHow to actually LISTEN to you when you talk instead of tuning you out?

Yellow Star With Shadow SmallUNDERSTAND when you’re too tired for extracurricular activities in the bedroom?[/two_third]


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 You Have Come To The Right Place!

What if you could have all these things happen to you….TODAY?

Just imagine what it would be like if your husband felt more like a companion (and less like that person from the enemy camp across the river)!

Not only is it possible , but it’s not even as difficult to achieve as you might think.

Some people will have you think that marriage just naturally slides into some strange abyss over time and that real communication and  meaningful time together evaporate as your marriage gets older. But that just couldn’t be further from the truth! The right attitudes will help both of you enjoy a joyful partnership that last till death do you part.

What I am saying is that your marriage can be blissful! Today and every day!

How To Train Your Husband

Why How To Train Your Husband Has Become An Instant Classic…..

Nagging and complaining doesn’t help, right? The more you state your case, the more deaf he becomes. I know exactly what you mean. What you need is a new way to communicate with him.  That’s the beautiful thing about this book. It teaches you how to approach issues in a new way that will take him by surprise and actually get his attention.

Sound interesting? Maybe even possible?

Trust me, it is. Your relationship can literally change in a matter of weeks, even days in some cases. If he is alive and breathing, these tactics will work. Why? Because you will catch him off guard with your new approach and he will be changing his ways before he even realizes what is happening.

Now, you might be thinking this book contains deception and trickery, but that could not be further from the truth. The inf0rmation in the book will benefit both of you by making your marriage one of mutual happiness and respect. It’s a win/win situation all around!


 Girlfriend, Let’s Talk………..

Men are wonderful! And I say that with heartfelt sincerity. I love everything about men…..one man in particular.

But here’s the problem:

Yellow Star With Shadow SmallWe want them to understand us…….they never will.
Yellow Star With Shadow SmallWe want them to  be more like us…..which we would actually really hate.
Yellow Star With Shadow SmallWe want them to be closer to us…….WAIT A MINUTE……that one could happen!

You see your husband is not uncaring, he is just wired differently than you. And every time you get frustrated with him because he is acting like a man, just remember he gets frustrated with you for acting like a woman sometimes too. Remember the thing that most attracts you to your mate will eventually drive you the most insane. Funny, but true.

How To Train Your Husband 6

This Book Will Change Your Life!

I have a reputation to protect here, so let me be completely honest. In this book you will not find flashy gimmicks and cutting edge techniques. However, what you will find is real, tried and true information and instructions that fit into your everyday life. Every suggestion in this book is practical and efficient. Even if you only make very small changes the results will be spectacular.

How do I know this? Because aside from recommending these tactics to my friends and family, I have used all these tricks on my own husband. That’s right. He is a perfectly happy and willing guinea pig. But that was not always the case. He resists change more than any human being I have ever met, so if this book works on him it can work on ANYBODY!

In this book you will learn:

Yellow Star With Shadow SmallHow To Gain Your Husband’s Respect

Yellow Star With Shadow SmallThe Female Habits That Most Annoy Men (And How To Eliminate Them)

Yellow Star With Shadow SmallThe One Trick To Get His Undivided Attention Each Day

Yellow Star With Shadow SmallWays To Work Out Disagreements Constructively (More About That In the Bonus)

Yellow Star With Shadow SmallHow To Get Him To Help Around the House Enthusiastically

Yellow Star With Shadow SmallHow To Make Him Your Best Friend

Yellow Star With Shadow SmallAnd Much More!

Karen N. of Tennessee writes:


This book has helped my marriage so much. Sometimes it is the little things we do or say without thinking that snowballs into trouble.


Thanks Angela for the great book!!


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Don’t wait another day to claim the joy that is waiting for you!

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